Whether you’re looking to simply take card payments or turn your business into a one stop shop for all of your customers’ needs, we have a contract to suit you.  Choose a package from our wide variety of services and get a personalised quote.  With 6 to 12 month contracts available, we can tailor our services to fit your needs.

We offer counter top terminals that plug into your internet line or wireless Wifi/GPRS terminals you can bring anywhere.  What you pay is calculated based on volume and value of transactions, and compared against your current statements to save you money.  When it comes to card payments, one size doesn’t fit all so we customise your service to get the best value for your business needs.

There are many ways to drive footfall in your store, and we have them covered.  Whether your customers want to top up their phones, pay their bills, buy stamps, or play the lotto, you can accommodate them as a PostPoint agent.

We provide services to a wide variety of businesses, from shops to taxis to sports clubs.  Some of our agents use our mobile terminal to take card payments on the road, some process their phone credit topups with us, while others use our full suite of services, from taking card payments to selling stamps and scratchcards. Whatever you’re looking for, we can find a suitable option.

To find out more and get a personalised quote, call us on 1800 300 150 or email retailerservices@anpost.ie

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